rightShould you paint?
There are many factors involved in marketing and selling your home. You can't control most of them. The curb appeal of your home plays a big role in the sales process, and it's one of the things you can have direct control over. You'll never get another chance to make a first impression of how your home looks from the street. If your home exterior needs new paint, potential buyers might not even get out of their car to come in and look.  Putting fresh paint on your home, both on the outside and the inside, is usually the one thing you can do that pays off the fastest.  You'll get more buyers looking, and they'll like what they see more, translating into a better chance for a quick offer at a higher price.   

Try to stick with light, neutral colors. These seem to resonate best with buyers.  A fresh coat of light beige on interior walls will freshen up your home and make it more marketable.   

Simply put, new paint is usually the most profitable improvement you can make when getting your home ready for sale.  So unless your paint is already in like new condition, you probably should paint.  

Buyers get a lot of information from the web now and I personally find that often they have already driven around with a list of addresses and have decided which ones they want to see, giving curb appeal a lot of weight.

The most important tip is to get all your painting done before potential buyers view the house. And if you don't to paint the whole house, consider an eye-popper like the front door. It is very important to have a home looking its best and that starts as soon as a buyer drives up to your home. One important tip I constantly advise my clients of is to paint the front door if you cannot paint the whole house. This brings a good feeling as you enter the house.

Paint is the most inexpensive update you can make when getting ready to sell your home. Remember: You never get a second chance to make a first impression.  

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